Automate Bates Numbering in DocuWare with Stamper | Save Time & Effort!

Introducing Stamper for DocuWare: Your Ultimate Bates Numbering Solution

Tired of manually annotating PDFs with endless Bates Numbering? 😩 Look no further! Stamper for DocuWare is here to revolutionize your process and save you tons of time and effort. 🚀

Read more about the importance of Bates Numbering in the legal sector here:

Step-By-Step Guide

🅿️ Problem:

Manually annotating every page of your PDFs with Bates Numbers is a tedious and time-consuming task. Using Adobe PDF Editor can be expensive and requires constant maintenance.

🅰️ Solution:

Introducing Stamper for DocuWare! This innovative app automates the entire Bates Numbering process, requiring NO additional tools or software. 🤩 Just set it up once and let Stamper do the rest!

📌 Key Features:

  • Automatic Bates Numbering for every page
  • Customizable prefix & suffix
  • Customizable stamp location
  • Use ANY index value from DocuWare for Bates Numbering
  • Works on all DocuWare documents
  • Select your preferred stamp location

📈 Results:

Save hours of manual work, reduce human error, and boost your productivity! Get ready to reap the benefits of Stamper for DocuWare, the ultimate Bates Numbering solution! 💪

💡 FAQ Highlights:

  • Merge Annotations: Stamper supports merging annotations to "burn" annotations onto the document.
  • Placing the Stamp: Paper format is auto-detected or manually adjustable
  • AutoNumbering:
    • Define your own start number
    • Use Make's "Data Store" to have a rolling auto number
    • Use DocuWare DocId in the Bates Numbering
  • Supports clipped documents (multi-section documents)
  • Works for documents in tray and file cabinet
  • Scheduling & Start Options:
    • Choose from scheduled intervals
    • Run from DocuWare Workflows
    • Start on file cabinet storage

⚠️ Please Note!

  • If you receive an error while merging a document with many pages (> 60 pages) please merge in the DocuWare web client. There's a restriction in Make, that we cannot handle.
  • "Merge stamp to document" is only supported for PDF documents
  • If you have mixed documents clipped together (e. g. PDF & Word) and "Merge stamp to document" is enabled, the annotation is only merged for the PDF.
  • If the document is currently opened for edit in the DocuWare web client adding Bates Numbering will fail

Don't waste another minute on manual Bates Numbering! Try Stamper for DocuWare now and unlock the full potential of your document management. 🎉

Step-By-Step Guide


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Automate Bates Numbering in DocuWare with Stamper | Save Time & Effort!