€70 a month

No Touch - Automatic Storage 🟩 DocuWare Intelligent Indexing documents

No Touch - Automatic Storage 🟩 DocuWare Intelligent Indexing documents


Automatically store all 🟩 Intelligent Indexing documents

The 'DocuWare πŸ’‘' app for Make enables you to automatically store all documents from your document tray to the file cabinet.

Without any interaction!

Install it now in Make

Imagine this, you have trained DocuWare Intelligent Indexing to be 100% accurate.

All your invoices, documentation, package slips, contracts, and ... are already perfectly indexed.

But still, someone has to manually store documents in the assigned file cabinet.

This may lead to late payments of invoices and loss of discounts.

This new app for Make automatically stores all documents (only those which are green 🟩)
using the index values provided by Intelligent Indexing.


What is this?

An app for 'Make' (aka Integromat). The official DocuWare integration for Make is not required.

How does it work?

It takes all the documents from the document tray, which are already 100% correctly indexed (🟩)
via Intelligent Indexing, and stores them automatically.

How does it benefit me?

You save more time for the processing of documents. It doesn’t need any manual interaction. By no one!

Faster processing of invoices. No more waiting for accounting to store invoices.

How much is it?

Store up to 1000 documents for €70 per month. Other plans with more executions are available.

Are there any side effects?

Be aware, that a 🟩 document means that Intelligent Indexing is very confident, that all recommendations are correct. Nevertheless, 100% accuracy can not be guaranteed and always depends on the document itself and the indexed documents so far.

What is 1 execution?

  • Checking for documents to be stored is 1 execution Lookup of 🟩 documents is FREE!
  • Storing 1 (one) 🟩 document from the Intelligent Indexing tray to the assigned file cabinet is 1 execution.
  • Standard fees for make.com applies additionally
    • No matter how many documents are stored -> It's always 1 make operation
    • Eg. Storing 100 documents requires only 2 Make operations

Do I need to pay extra for the operations in Make?

Yes and No. Every Make user has 1000 FREE operations per month. This app consumes 2 Make operations per run.
You can store around 17.600 documents* if you set up a schedule to run only:

  • during business hours
  • on weekdays
  • with an interval of 1 hour

* Requires the Enterprise plan of this Make app

Where do I see my left executions?

Click on the output of any module to see how many executions you have left.


This app uses the DocuWare API to retrieve and store documents. The API returns only 100 documents at a maximum on each run.
However, this is not an issue. Because at the next run, it will retrieve the leftover documents.

Installation manual

Install it now in Make

This app is also available in an affiliate program for DocuWare sales partners.

More info at: https://en.avantgarde-software.com/

This product is not currently for sale.

What is 1 execution?

Check for 🟩 documents
Store 1 document
1 execution